About Us

The PA Jeeps Club Purpose

The purposes of this Organization are:

  1. To protect and preserve our environment and our natural resources;
  2. To promote family entertainment in four-wheeling;
  3. To promote the sport of off-highway activities, such as camping, trail riding, racing, sharing knowledge and improving the image of four-wheeling;
  4. To form emergency assistance groups of four-wheel drive vehicles and drivers to assist selected police and emergency agencies as decided on by the Board of Directors or a specially appointed committee chairperson;
  5. To sponsor and support safe driving both on and off road.


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President Wayne Fish president @ pajeeps.org
Vice President Bob Bracken vicepresident @ pajeeps.org
Jeep Show Chairman Jenn Watson jeepshow @ pajeeps.org
Treasurer Danielle Bailey treasurer @ pajeeps.org
Membership Director Carol Caddick membership @ pajeeps.org
Secretary Peter Caddick secretary @ pajeeps.org
Newsletter Editor Theresa Knight newsletter @ pajeeps.org
Events Director Danielle Bailey events @ pajeeps.org
Land Use Preston Stevens landuse @ pajeeps.org
Safety Director Shannon Blevins safety @ pajeeps.org

Board of Directors

Robert Truitt spiceywolf63 @ yahoo.com
Dave Heisey jeeproker@yahoo.com
Bill Knight  jeep63@ptd.net
Bob Bracken canman3535 @ comcast.net
Jennifer Watson jeepnharleymomma @ msn.com
Peter Caddick Pcaddick @ comcast.net

PA Jeeps, Inc
P.O. Box 4401
Lancaster, PA 17604


Check out the 2018 PA Jeep Club events calendar! All dates are subject to change. E-mail events@pajeeps.org for information on specific events.
Links to PA Jeeps membership information is below:
Online Membership Form
Download Membership Application/Renewal Form

Membership Card – Front & Rear Tow Points – Full Size Spare – Tow Straps w/out Metal Hooks

Fire Extinguisher – First Aid Kit – Basic Tools